The Final Chapter In PS3 Vs. Xbox 360?

:bringiton:Jane Wells : I know most of you are beyond caring, but in the interest of full disclosure, my son this weekend threw in the towel on his Sony PlayStation 3 and returned to the Microsoft Xbox 360. Like an errant husband crawling back to his wife, he said, "I guess I should've thought this through."

Last July, this die-hard Xbox fan traded in his console for a PS3 after being impressed by the Sony press conference at E3. He liked what he heard about new PS3 games, and he liked the look of the graphics. What he soon realized was that he missed his friends on Xbox Live.

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Are Mega Man Games All Work And No Play?

:siga:Many gamers were filled to their brims with joy because of a brand new retro gaming experience offered to us when Mega Man 9 was released last week. However, as with anything, there were also people situated on the other side of the fence concerning the release, who are most likely starting to become annoyed with all of these stories concerning the game. These people believe that retro games like Mega Man are just too much work, and therefore devoid of fun. It's a little hard for them to understand exactly how others are able to get any enjoyment out of something that is so frustrating to play. ( )

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Sega Tokyo Game Show 2008 Line-up

:okay:Sega has just unveiled its Tokyo Game Show 2008 Line-Up. We can see that recently announced titles like Phantasy Star 0 and 7th Dragon for the Nintendo DS are in the list.
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Enhance Your desk With This Cool Star Wars USB Hub

You’ve got the ultra collectible Luke Skywalker lightsaber, the Padawan hair braid, and enough Star Wars action figures to choke a Sarlacc. Yet you still feel there is something missing on your desktop–something to bring the “Force” and make the “circle” complete if you will. How about an R2D2 or Darth Vader USB Hub? ( )

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Games could be used to plan terror raids

TERRORISTS COULD USE online games like World of Warcraft to plan terror raids, a pentagon researcher claims.

In a presentation at an Open Source Conference in Washington, Dr Dwight Toavs, a professor at the Pentagon-funded National Defense University, explained how planning could be hidden by in-game chatter.

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